The theme for April is Compassion! In my search for quotes about compassion, I came across an idea that is identified as an Amish Proverb (a proverb is a piece of advice). The advice is: “Instead of putting others in their place, put yourself in their place.” This quote represents the essence of how we learn to support each other at camp.

Every person arrives with a different life story, different levels of skill and experience, and different levels of comfort being away from home. We might feel right at home at camp or on our cabin trip. A cabin mate might be adjusting to a new experience and might feel homesick or nervous about living in a cabin with new people or going canoeing in the woods. As their friend, we want to show them that we are there to listen to them and help them understand that they are not alone.

Think about the people in your life. Do you have friends or family members who need your support? How do you show compassion for others? This month think about ways to show others you care. You might ask someone how they are doing and really listen to them. Or you might write a letter to someone who is feeling isolated and alone. Whatever compassion looks like for you, make sure to also be compassionate towards yourself. We look forward to seeing you at camp and taking on challenges together this summer!


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    • Transportation and Travel Information – There are significant changes for 2021. Please read this information and get in touch with any questions.
    • Transportation Form – This is newly formatted as a Google Form, and is due May 15. The transportation form is no longer accessible from your CampInTouch dashboard. Please complete this form as soon as possible. We will be scheduling your arrival by car in 5-minute increments. Your immediate attention to this form will help us get a jump on planning.
    • Packing Lists are up on the website. Summer 2021 Packing Lists
  • Camp Shirt Reminder – Campers will NO LONGER be required to come to camp with six shirts. However, all participants will be given two Chewonki t-shirts upon their arrival at camp. ay! We will send an email soon to ask for updated t-shirt sizes. 


Ella, the Eastern Corn Snake


Catch up with your favorite animals in this month’s updates:

  • Salt Marsh Farmthe lambs are all here and ready to say hello!
  • Wildlife Center as the weather warms, we are bringing our animal ambassadors outside for more enrichment. Learn more about our cold-blooded friend, Ella!
A lamb relaxing on the farm.


Our final Camp Chewonki @ Home session of the spring will take place on April 15. Don’t miss it! 

Enrolled campers and their families can gather once a month to make friends, play games, and keep the Chewonki community strong.

Please RSVP in advance. (All events are listed in Eastern Standard Time.)

  • April 15, 2021 – 7:00 PM (RSVP)

Visit our Events page for more information about upcoming opportunities to connect. If you have any questions, please email

With best wishes from Chewonki Neck,

Camp Team

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