April was a bustling month on the farm! Our horses, Bob and Ted, were hard at work in the gardens with the help of a new implement called a Homesteader, which comes with a range of attachments including a plow, myriad harrows, a potato digger, and a potato hiller. Here are Bob, Ted, and Megan disc harrowing a new garden on the farm called Rockside:

The lambs are growing by leaps and bounds. We track their 30-day weights; our largest lamb (a single lamb who wasn’t competing with a twin for milk!) weighed 47 pounds! We welcomed 100 new laying hen chicks and 150 broiler chicks this month. The broilers are being raised to feed camp this summer, and the laying hens will start producing eggs in about four to six months.

Speaking of food for camp, the farm crew and the grades 6/7/8 Chewonki Elementary and Middle School students planted hundreds of kale, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower seedlings this week for camp – look forward to seeing these plants on your plates once they are bigger! Here are the seedlings being transported towards Rockside garden and some of our helpers planting:

The cyclical nature of farming is beautiful to behold here at Chewonki: school-year students tend to systems that will benefit campers all summer, and campers help to raise the food for fall school-year programs. We are constantly being sustained by those who have come before us and giving forward to those who will come next to this land! The farm crew is excited to be working alongside summer participants soon!

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