Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Camp Chewonki@Home cost?
    You can register for Camp Chewonki@Home at no cost.
  • Does my child have to participate in all seven weeks?
    Camp Chewonki@Home is an entirely choice-based experience. Your child can participate as much or as little as they prefer. This could range from trying one activity to doing everything available over the course of the summer.
  • How old does my child have to be to participate in Camp Chewonki@Home?
    Camp Chewonki@Home has been carefully designed to be developmentally appropriate for children aged 8 to 18. If your child is younger than 8 and you have questions about how to access parts of the program that might be appropriate for your child please email 
  • What email should I use to register my family?
    To ensure participant safety, we require all Camp Chewonki@Home be a parent or guardian email address. Please make sure to check this inbox regularly, especially on Friday afternoons to read our weekly update emails.
  • When will I find out about the next week’s activities?
    Weekly update emails will be sent out on Friday afternoons. The email will include a recap of the previous week, a preview of the coming week, a link to our community galleries, and the RSVP portals for our weekly live events.
  • Which activities are available when?
    Each week, new activities are added to the website. The previous week’s activities will be archived on the site and can be completed at any time and in any order! Your family can take part for as much or as little as you would like, and can join for one day, one week, or the whole summer!
  • When are the live event Zoom calls? Are the calls always at the same times?
    Our live event Zoom calls happen on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10:30 am (eastern standard time). Mondays are gatherings for Girls Camp and Wednesdays are gatherings for Boys Camp. Our Friday gathering is a Campfire for everyone.
  • Do I need to RSVP for the live events? What if I miss the deadline to RSVP?
    In order to provide safe, supervised online interactions, we require participants to RSVP to our live events. This allows us to make sure we know who is attending our calls and that we can provide the safe, high quality facilitation you expect from Chewonki. We cannot accommodate registrations for live events after our deadline, but don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to attend live events throughout the summer. Also, the live events are standalone experiences and are not required to fully participate in the rest of the program.
  • When and how do we get the Zoom links for the meetings? 
    The Zoom links may be found by clicking from the home page to the circle titled “The Quad”. There you will find a calendar. From there you click on the date of the event and will be given the three live event options. When you click on the event you are scheduled for, you will find the link to the Zoom call. Here is the link to that page.
  • I’m worried about screen time. How much time does my child need to spend in front of a screen to participate in Camp Chewonki@Home?
    Unplugging from technology and spending time outdoors is core to what we teach at Chewonki. Your child can participate as much or as little as they prefer. This means all of the videos are optional, the live events are optional, everything is optional. If you have questions about how to help your child structure their time to limit screens this summer, please read through our Family Handbook for suggestions.
  • What is in the care package?
    The Camp Chewonki@Home care package will provide materials to support participation in certain activities. While we wish we could send you a full supply closet, we hope this package helps you get started! For parents: While we have avoided sending food items or anything sharp, it is important to remember that accidents happen and that supervision and providing clear expectations of appropriate item use can help prevent them.Here is a list of what you can expect:

    • Camp Chewonki Activity Book;
    • Pre-stamped envelope to write to your new pen pal; 
    • Skein of yarn from Salt Marsh Farm; 
    • Notched loom; 
    • Packet of King of the Early Beans;
    • Pocket loupe magnifier; 
    • Colored pencils; 
    • Glue; 
    • Leave No Trace card;
    • Great Horned Owl Mask;
    • Chewonki Buff; 
    • Chewonki Pen; 
    • Coupon for 1 free Chewonki t-shirt from our store (shipping not included).
  • When will I receive the care package? Do I need the items in the care package to participate in activities?
    Please allow for up to two weeks between when you register for Camp Chewonki@Home and the arrival of your care package. Our staff at Chewonki are working as quickly as possible to compile the packages and mail them out to you. You DO NOT need to have received the care package to take part in the activities. The activities are designed to be completed with household items and includes directions for how to complete things without the care package.
  • When should I expect to hear about my child’s pen pal assignment?
    For week 1 registrations, you should expect to learn your pen pal assignment on Monday, June 29. For later registrations, we will be updating matches towards the end of the week and notifying new matches every Friday. 
  • What should I do if I have feedback or a concern about something I or my child experienced on Camp Chewonki@Home?
    We want your feedback. We will provide a general feedback form in our Camp Office to report any technical, behavioral or other issues you may be having with our program. We will also send out weekly feedback surveys with our update email to learn how you are engaging with our program. If you have pressing concerns that cannot wait, please contact
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