November @Home Newsletter: Collaboration

The theme for November is COLLABORATION! Collaboration means working together to create something. At Camp Chewonki, we are collaborating all of the time. We work together to make and eat delicious meals, by setting tables, washing dishes, and even cooking over fires. We collaborate with each other in order to create a camp community where each person can get what they need, and have people who care about and support them.

Weekly Recap – Celebrating With Our Helpful and Lovely Friends

In this final week of Camp Chewonki@Home, we have celebrated our time spent together, and the ways that the Chewonki spirit has spread far and wide! It’s been truly beautiful to have witnessed campers building connections with each other, getting outside and exploring the natural world, and finding ways to learn and grow this summer, all from their home. While the Chewonki Neck Peninsula holds powerful meaning, we know that the true spirit of Chewonki and the values it teaches, travel with us no matter where we are!

Weekly Recap – Dancing Our Energy Out

What a fantastic and energetic week of Camp Chewonki@Home! It was such a treat to see campers connecting and dancing on live calls, creating incredible fruit baskets at home, and creating kinetic art! It’s hard to think that there is just one more week of camp left this summer. The thought is made easier because we know that the connections and creativity we witnessed during Camp Chewonki@Home will continue!

Weekly Recap – Learning to Embrace a Challenge

This week has asked the Camp Chewonki@Home community to reflect on the challenges that we have faced this summer. Our theme of Grit called upon us to share what has been difficult for us, and what we are looking forward to in the future. Campers have taken on new recipes – baking biscuits over a fire can be a challenge! Others have celebrated their compost, and the ways we can take waste and make something new. In our live calls, we celebrated the gritty, and the grimy, including a tribute to farm chores in the form of a song! 

Weekly Recap – Appreciating People and Things Around Us

As week 4 of Camp Chewonki@Home comes to a close, we have spent the past 7 days recognizing and appreciating the people and things in our lives that make our days brighter and better. From using graffiti in our homes to show love for friends and family to making popcorn to share with our loved ones. We have also learned to be grateful and appreciative for things in new ways like creating our Animal Heroes – misunderstood critters that play important and beneficial roles in keeping our world happy and healthy.

Weekly Recap – Growing Together, Near and Far

Our Camp Chewonki community has grown and flourished in this third week of programming! Together we have shared more about ourselves, and the ways in which we are learning and growing this summer. Campers have tried new things this week, from parfaits to scientific illustration, and our live gatherings yielded silly stories. Witnessing us all grow together has brought warmth and laughter to our hearts!

Family Feedback Form

Your feedback is essential to helping us to provide the best possible Camp Chewonki@Home experience this summer. Your responses will only be seen by Camp Chewonki@Home staff as we work to resolve any issues you bring to our attention.

Getting Started

First and foremost, welcome to Camp Chewonki@Home! We are very excited to share what we have been working on with you. We hope you enjoy our activities, events, and all the other great stuff you’ll find on our website to help you keep the Chewonki spirit alive this summer. To help you get started, we

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