Activity Snapshot: 

The theme for December is connection, and this activity will challenge you to build connections between different points in your home using everyday household items! The goal is to be able to take a ball and have it go to each dot without touching the ground! Build a series of connections that allow your ball to travel to as many different dots as you can!


This activity can be fun to do with a friend or family member! Work together to connect the dots, thinking creatively!


Connect as many different dots as you can, creating a track for a ball to roll from dot to dot, without hitting the ground!

Time Recommended:

~30 minutes to +1 hour


  • Paper and Pencil for planning
  • Small ball, or other round object that can roll 
  • Items to mark your dots (could be sticky notes, small stones, or blocks)
  • Items to build your connections:
    • String or rope
    • Building blocks (like Lego or Duplo)
    • Rulers
    • Books
    • Cardboard
    • Recycled egg cartons, toilet paper or paper towel tubes
    • Anything else you can find!
    • Tape 
    • Glue
    • Scissors


  1. Pick how many dots you will try to connect. We recommend starting with at least 3.
  2. Mark each of your dots with an item like a sticky note, or small object. Your dots can be close to each other, or very far apart!
  3. Select your ball, the object that you will move from dot to dot. This could be a tennis ball, a ping-pong ball, or even a round stone – anything that can roll!
  4. Gather your materials for building your connections. Make sure you ask permission before using anything that other people might want or need.
  5. Take a moment to think about and even plan out on paper the way you are going to try to connect your dots. Think about how far apart they are. Remember, your ball cannot touch the ground!
  6. Build!!
  7. Test out transporting your ball from dot to dot!
  8. Record how it went, make changes, and try again!
  9. Take a photo of your connected dots! Tell us how it went! How many dots were you able to connect??

Closing Questions:

  1. What materials did you re-purpose to make connections?
  2. How many dots did you connect?
  3. What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Share with your Community:

Send us photos of your connected dots at! Write to us and tell us about your building experience and how many dots you were able to connect. We would love to share your accomplishment with the Chewonki community in our online galleries.

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