December and early January on the farm are relatively quiet, though the livestock and occasional snow shoveling keep the farm crew moving! We’ve been tackling carpentry projects around the farm, fixing our moveable electric fencing, ordering seeds for next summer’s gardens, and working Bob and Ted, our two draft horses.

In the next few weeks, we’ll start processing firewood for the wood stoves around campus – this wood will keep semester student cabins and staff residences warm during next winter. We’re always planning ahead around here! We just had our young orchard trees moved to a new location on the farm: they are now closer to the Girls Camp waterfront, and we expect that early season apples will be a favorite snack for campers in future Augusts!

Here is a photo of part of our 2021 crop plan, which Assistant Farm Manager Lisa  Beneman has been constructing over the past month. This plan will dictate the timing of all of our seeding, transplanting, and harvesting during the coming growing season.

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