First and foremost, welcome to Camp Chewonki@Home! We are very excited to share what we have been working on with you. We hope you enjoy our activities, events, and all the other great stuff you’ll find on our website to help you keep the Chewonki spirit alive this summer.

To help you get started, we wanted to share some tips about where to go and what to do first:

#1 – RSVP for your first live event

We hope you are spending most of your time outside enjoying the sun this summer. However, if you miss meeting and interacting with friends from around the world, we hope you will join us for a gathering on Monday or Wednesday morning with girls camp and boys camp respectively, or a campfire on Friday for everyone. All three events start at 10:30am EST. You can RSVP by following the link in our weekly update email or visiting the Quad on the Camp Chewonki@Home website. Space is limited for our Monday and Wednesday events and you must RSVP by 9 pm EST on Sunday night to be included, so do this first!

#2 – Get paired up with a pen pal and write your first letter

Make sure to fill out our pen pal partner survey so we can match you up with someone to exchange letters with this summer. Once you have your pen pal’s mailing address, head to the Challenge Course where you will find the Pen Pal Prompt for the week. You may use this prompt to help you write your first note to your pen pal or not; it’s up to you. The week 1 prompt also has a useful document that will help you format your letter and address your envelope successfully.

#3 – Pick your first activity 

Take some time to explore the Camp Chewonki map on our website. There are many places you can visit and find fun activities, start at whichever activity area catches your interest. Each week we will add six new activities for you to enjoy. You can also find all the activities available for the week on the Quad. Once you find an activity you like, watch the instructional video (when available) and get started! We look forward to seeing what you create and hearing about your experience.

#4 – Research and submit an answer to the Natural History Mystery

Visit the Frog Pond to learn about this week’s Natural History Mystery. Join Doc Fred on Chewonki Neck and see if you can uncover the answer to his weekly mystery. You can submit a response for the opportunity to have Jen, Charlie, or Emily read yours aloud at Friday’s Campfire!

#5 – Share your creations

Each week you can submit drawings, paintings, pictures, comic strips, poems, and more that captures all the fun you are having at home. Submit your creations on any activity page and they will show up in our community galleries in Chapin Hall. Your friends will want to see what you have been up to, so share early and often! 

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