The farm crew has been hard at work generating firewood for campus residences, Maine Coast Semester cabins, and campfire circles in recent weeks, but the horses have been working even harder than the humans! Bob and Ted have really come together as a team: they move in unison, listen carefully, perform intensely heavy tasks, and keep each other in check. When Bob occasionally gets frustrated, Ted leans over for a quick nuzzle into Bob’s neck, and both of them calm right down.
Bob (the left or “near” horse) and Ted (the right or “off” horse) taking a walk through a snowy Girls Camp.
We just confirmed this week that both our dairy cows, Greta and Hazel, are pregnant, so we’re looking forward to calves in May and September. Campers will help to bottle feed Greta’s calf during camp this summer!
Something to look forward to . . . here’s one of our past calves on the farm!
The chickens are laying more eggs each day as the sun stays up for longer, and we seed our first baby lettuces this week!
Inventorying seeds in the seeding area.
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