When you are writing to someone, you will get to know them over time, by sending letters back and forth. Something else that you can send back and forth is a story. It can be a fun and silly way to create something together with your new friend.

A collaborative story can be an interesting project. One person starts with the first two to three sentences. When the paper gets sent back and forth, the other person adds on. It is important to add on in a way that builds off of what the first person has done. It isn’t fun if you don’t take what they did into account. Together, you will make something completely unique and that couldn’t have existed without the other person. Follow the link to learn more about how to create a collaborative story!

Getting to Know Someone New:

Good letters include information about yourself as well as questions for the person you’re writing to. Here are some questions for you to ask yourself and write about in your letter to your pen pal. 

  • What’s something you have seen or read lately that has challenged your thinking or given you a new idea?
  • What have you been able to watch grow around your home recently?
  • What’s something that you have improved at, or hope to improve at in the future? How will you get better? Why do you want to improve at this skill?

If you think of different questions that are more exciting to you, use those instead! Make sure that you ask your pen pal about these same questions.

How do I Write and Send a Letter?

Letters are written with a specific format. Take some time to learn more about how to write a good letter by following the link.

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