It’s baby season on the farm! We just wrapped up lambing season with a record 22 lambs born to 12 mamas. One of the best times of day is when we feed the ewes during chores, because the lambs race around like a school of fish, playing chase while their moms do the hard work of eating in order to make milk for them. Most of the lambs are black or white, but we have two that are speckled gray and one that has the face markings of a panda bear, with black circles around the eyes and a white face. In addition to lambs, we are excited to welcome 250 chickens (100 new laying hens and 150 meat birds) in the next few days. Piglets and a calf arrive in May! Here are a few photos of the lambs:

A pair of lambs snuggling up to their mother (ewe).
A lamb relaxing on the farm.

We have plenty of babies on the farm in the plant world as well. The greenhouse is filling up with seedlings, and we’ve been enjoying delicious greens from our plastic houses. We’re looking forward to plowing gardens throughout the month of April, and we just purchased a ride-on horse-drawn plow that will allow us to do that work with Bob and Ted as a team! Here are some baby onions – there are many hundreds of future onions in just this one plastic flat!

Onion seedlings growing in the greenhouse.
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