Hello friends!

The theme for November is Collaboration! Collaboration means working together to create something. At Camp Chewonki, we are collaborating all of the time. We work together to make and eat delicious meals, by setting tables, washing dishes, and even cooking over fires. We collaborate with each other in order to create a camp community where each person can get what they need, and have people who care about and support them.

This month, think about collaboration, and how it can make your home community a more magical, and exciting place!

From the Camp Office:

  • Watch this space every month for updates on getting ready for camp.

News from the Neck:

Catch up with your favorite animals in this month’s updates:

  • Salt Marsh Farm – meet our new piglets and learn what else is happening on the farm!
  • Wildlife Center check in with Clover the woodchuck and our other animal friends!

November’s Chewonki Challenge:

Better Together: A Collaborative Art Project!

Gather with friends and family this November to have a collaborative art making experience, where each person contributes to make beautiful and silly creations!

Connect With the Camp Community:

Enrolled campers and their families can gather once a month to make friends, play games, and keep the Chewonki community strong.

Please RSVP in advance. (All events are listed in Eastern Standard Time.)

  • November 19, 2020 – 7:00 PM (RSVP)

Visit our Events page for more information about upcoming opportunities to connect. If you have any questions, please email camp@chewonki.org.

With best wishes from Chewonki Neck,

The Camp Team

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