Activity Snapshot: 

The theme for November is collaboration, and asks us to think about what we can accomplish when we work together. In this activity, you will be challenged to create a piece of art with other people. You will have to be comfortable with people changing the direction you thought your artwork might go. By the end, you will have something that you alone could never have imagined!

  • Get creative!
  • Stay present in the moment!
  • Celebrate each person and what you can create together!
Collaborative Watercolors by 9 friends
Collaborative Watercolors by 2 friends

This activity can be a fun one to do with family or friends who might gather at Thanksgiving, or other holidays. You can even pick a theme at the beginning of the activity that all of the art can relate to.


Create pieces of collaborative art while spending time with people you enjoy!

Time Recommended:

~30 minutes or more


  • Paper (watercolor, printer, whatever you have available)
  • Any Coloring Materials, could include:
    • Colored Pencils
    • Crayons
    • Markers
    • Watercolors
    • Pens
  • Timer
  • Optional: You can play music in the background while you are creating together! Sometimes it can be interesting to do this activity without talking!


  1. Set up a making space with your materials and enough room for everyone participating.
  2. Make sure each person has a piece of paper at their spot and access to coloring materials
  3. Set a timer for how long you want to work on each paper for. You could choose 1 minute, 2 minutes, or even 5 minutes.
  4. Each person creates whatever they want on their paper. 
  5. When the timer runs out, each person passes their paper to the next person, in a clockwise direction.
  6. Re-set your timer, and add to your new paper however you like! You can add to what they have done, but not cover it up. This is the one rule.
  7. Keep passing and adding in this way for as long as you would like!
  8. At the end, see if you can figure out which one was yours to start with!

Closing Questions:

  1. Who did you collaborate with to make art?
  2. How did it feel to see someone else add to your art, and maybe do things that you would not have?
  3. When else in your life have you ever felt this way?

Share with your Community:

Send us photos of your collaborative art at! Write to us and tell us about your art making experience. We would love to share your reflections and creations with the Chewonki community in our online galleries.

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