On Salt Marsh Farm…

We’re planting garlic on the farm this week. Garlic is one of the only plants that we seed in the fall – each clove of garlic will grow a whole head of garlic next year after it lays frozen in the ground all winter. We’ll harvest garlic scapes (the stem and flower bud of the garlic plant) during the first session of camp next year, and we’ll harvest the heads of garlic that grow from these planted cloves during the second session of camp next summer.

Six piglets are arriving on the farm on Wednesday. Most of our baby animals are born in the spring and summer, so we’re especially excited to have babies on the farm this time of year. The piglets weigh about 25 pounds when they arrive on the farm, and they grow to weigh over 250 pounds in only six months! These pigs are pork for camp next summer (maybe too much information!). 

We harvested madder root from our dye garden last week. Madder root is a natural source of red dye that we’ll use to dye the yarn made with wool from our sheep. We’re already thinking about fiber arts projects that we’ll do with campers next summer.

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