As we celebrate another beautiful autumn in Maine, we’re bringing a little touch of fall to our program animals through seasonally-appropriate enrichment! You can see our Box Turtles enjoying (and naturally camouflaging in!) some freshly fallen leaves.  Our aviaries are dressed in fall colors with gathered greens and branches, and our crows have been playing with a jack-o-lantern food puzzle.  

Temperatures have begun to drop, and our animals have been adjusting to the colder nights.  Some of our smaller owls will cozy up in boxes and artificial tree cavities, as they would in the wild. (Cool fact: Owls don’t build nests on branches like you might expect – they make their home in a hole in a tree!) Our woodchuck Clover’s burrow is filled with gathered bedding, and we are providing her a few warm heating pads on colder nights.  Eventually, she’ll be relocating to a large warm indoor space, to avoid the winter chill.

Despite the crisp and cold outdoors, it’s always warm and humid in the Wildlife Center!  Temperatures are kept at 75-80 F with a high humidity, keeping our Reptiles and Bugs healthy and happy.  We recently have a few new babies born in the Wildlife Center, hatching out of eggs smaller than a freckle!  Our Annam Walking Sticks, or ‘Stick Bugs’ take 5-8 weeks to hatch, and we hope our two new additions are the first of many this fall.

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