Activity Snapshot:

  • Work together with a partner and see how if you can read one another’s minds — how long before you can predict and say the same word?
  • For an added challenge, and to include some friendly competition, try going around the dinner table or in a group of 3 or more.
  • Give the 2 people that say the same word a point and start again. First to 5 is the winner!


See how few tries it takes to get to the same word over the same day or throughout the week and try with multiple partners (in person, on the phone, or virtually!).

Time Recommended:

10- 15 minutes for each session




  1. With a partner, think of a random word and count down from 3, 2, 1, and both say your word. 
  2. Then pause, without discussion, and both think of a new word that (for you), relates to the 2 words you both just said previously. Count down again and you both say a new word. 
  3. See you how long it takes for you to both eventually say the same word using the same guidelines each time.
  4. When you finish a round, ask your partner about a particular moment when and why they chose a certain word.

Closing Questions:

  1. How many rounds did it take before you and your partner said the same word? Did you improve over time? 
  2. What did you learn about how your partner/group thinks? How were your interpretations of a word similar or different to your partner or group?
  3. What can we do differently when we don’t understand someone’s perspective? How might we try to learn more about them and how they see the world?

Share with your Community:

Write down and share with the community the path your words took with your partner before you arrived at the same word. It could be fun for others to play along and think about which words they might have chosen. Share photos of your game, a list of words, or any reflections in the community galleries on our website! Your might just get published in an edition of the Chronicle at the end of the summer!

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