What is Community-Building? 

How do you get to know the people around you? What does it mean to be a good friend and community member? Who is a part of your community right now? Is it friends, family, or neighbors? At the Challenge Course you can find different ways to build positive relationships and have fun, shared experiences with the people who live with you. Join us here for weekly activities and information on how to earn your Community Building@Home patch!

Home Challenges:

December – Connect the Dots: An Engineering Challenge

The theme for December is connection, and this activity will challenge you to build connections between different points in your home using everyday household items! The goal is to be able to take a ball and have it go to each dot without touching the ground! Build a series of connections that allow your ball to travel to as many different dots as you can!

November – Better Together: A Collaborative Art Project

The theme for November is collaboration, and asks us to think about what we can accomplish when we work together. In this activity, you will be challenged to create a piece of art with other people. You will have to be comfortable with people changing the direction you thought your artwork might go. By the end, you will have something that you alone could never have imagined!

More Activities:

Community Building@Home Patch Checklist

  1. To hone your community-building skills this summer and earn your Community Building@Home patch, complete the following checklist, and send us your evidence! You can submit any images or writing that shows you completed a task using the form below or directly through an activity page.
  2. Complete and submit  3 of the Camp Chewonki@ Home weekly activities with your family or pod.
  3. Share a picture of your group in action during at least 2 of the challenges. 
  4. Create your own community building activity or challenge and try it out with your family/pod. Share with us how the activity went or photos of the challenge.
  5. After you complete one of the weekly activities, write a few sentences telling us what you learned about yourself during the activity. 
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