What is Natural History?

Look around. Listen carefully. Smell the air. What can your senses tell you about the living and nonliving things you share this world with?

At the Frog Pond, we ask you to use your observation skills and curiosity to explore, discover, and wonder about the plants, animals, and landscapes that make up your backyard, your neighborhood, and beyond! Join us here for weekly activities, the Natural History Mystery with Doc Fred, the Bird of the Week with Nature Kyle, and information on how to earn your Naturalist@Home patch!

Naturalist@Home Patch Checklist

  1. Create a Nature Journal to record your observations in. Get creative with how to create your journal! Send us a photo of your journal before you fill your observations in.
  2. In your Nature Journal, make a leaf rubbing and ID the tree the leaf came from. Send us a photo of your entry. 
  3. In your Nature Journal, observe and record at least 5 different species of plant or animal. Record their appearance, sound, behavior, and habitat. Send us a photo of your entry. 
  4. Go on a Bird Walk or Bird Watch. In your Nature Journal, record your observations and try to ID the birds you saw. Send us a photo of your entry.
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