What is Farm & Food Systems?

Where does food come from? How do humans use the land around them to cultivate what they need to thrive? At Salt Marsh Farm, we explore the ways humans have traditionally used the land to provide food and shelter for our communities. Join us here for weekly activities, videos featuring Chewonki farmers and information on how to earn your Farmer@Home patch!

Farmer@Home Patch Checklist

To hone your farming skills this summer and earn your Farmer@Home patch, complete the following checklist and send us your evidence! You can submit any images or writing that shows you completed a task using the form below or directly through an activity page.

  1. Germinate a plant at home and track its growth for a week.
  2. Complete a weaving project.
  3. Complete a chosen chore at least seven times.
  4. Submit a haiku about a person, animal, or plant you appreciate.
  5. Share something you’ve learned about farms or food with a family member or friend.
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