Welcome to the Waterfront


You know what that means! Time to wake up early, put your swimsuit on, and head down to the waterfront. It’s time to jump right in and earn your Polar Bear@Home patch! 

At the Waterfront, we encourage you to be creative about what a Polar Bear is!  Typically a Polar Bear is getting up early when you hear the words Polar Bear echo through your cabin or tent and jumping into cold water. This summer, think about what makes a Polar Bear a Polar Bear? Is it waking up early in the morning? The smell of fresh air? The sudden splash of cold water? 

Polar Bear@Home Patch Checklist

  1. Document and submit five separate Polar Bears. Documentation can take many forms. Take a photo, write a story, draw a comic strip, make a piece of art.A typical Camp Chewonki Polar Bear might or might not be possible for you this summer. We encourage you to get creative! Are you able to go swimming in an ocean or lake this summer? What about a bathtub or garden hose?
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