What is Kitchen Craft?

What is your favorite dish? Have you made a meal, a snack, or a dessert for a friend, a family member, or a neighbor? Learn how to whip up delicious treats and give the gift of food to people around you! Join Bill and his amazing kitchen full of talented culinarians. Join us here for weekly activities and information on how to earn your Chef@Home patch!

Chef@Home Patch Checklist

To hone your cooking skills this summer and earn your Chef@Home patch, complete the following checklist and send us your evidence! You can submit any images or writing that shows you completed a task using the form below or directly through an activity page.

  1. Share a Food Fact with your family and us about something that you are eating. 
  2. Help to prepare at least two meals for your family or friends. Document the process. Documentation can take many forms. Take a photo, write a story, draw a comic strip, make a piece of art. 
  3. Try a new food or food cooked in a new way. Tell us how it tasted, felt, or anything else interesting. 
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