What are Creative Arts?

What is art? Why do we create drawings, sculptures, songs, and dances? What kinds of materials can we use to make something interesting? In Creative Arts, learn how to use your hands, mind, and soul to teach others about the world and your experiences. Join us here for weekly activities and information on how to earn your Artist@Home patch!

Artist@Home Patch Checklist

To hone your creative skills this summer and earn your Artist@Home patch, complete the following checklist and send us your evidence! You can submit any images or writing that shows you completed a task using the form below or directly through an activity page.

  1. Submit 3 finished Camp Chewonki@Home Creative Arts projects.
  2. Submit 1 photo of your making process. (This might be a selfie of you with your materials or your composition in progress)
  3. One or both of the following:
    1. Write a brief, 2 sentence artist statement about one of your projects.
      (An artist statement is a brief description of your work – tell use one thing that worked well and one thing you would do differently with this project)
    2. Submit another nature-themed art sketch or example of nature art that your have created that is not related to a Camp Chewonki@Home project.
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