Activity Snapshot:

See if you can estimate and get to a predetermined location in a certain amount of time, without a watch! Use your observation skills to see what you notice each time about the space around you, while also trying to keep your timing accurate.


Capture new sightings in familiar places and get as close to the time-goal as possible!

Time Recommended:

  • 30 minutes


  • You can use any form of time-keeping in your home (Using the second hand on a wall clock or watch, a stopwatch, or timer on a phone. Ideally, no materials required.) 


  1. Have all participants start at the same location and, as the timekeeper, put yourself a distance away but within earshot (both places are determined by the timekeeper – you can use the kitchen, driveway, a closet, tree in the backyard, etc.). 
  2. Make sure the rest of the group knows where you are, as the timekeeper, since they are moving towards you.
  3. Give the group a time goal (anywhere between 2-5 minutes) and tell them you want them to all arrive to you when that time expires (this can be done individually or teaming up with others – without the use of a watch). 
  4. When everyone is in the starting location and you are at the finish line, say ‘Go!’ Allow them to see the time clock as they arrive at you, noting how close they were to the determined amount of time.
  5. Experiment with multiple trials, with different time-keepers, either with the same starting/ending locations or a new place each time. 

Closing Questions:

  1. What strategy did you choose to manage your time and aim for accuracy in hitting the time goal?
  2. What did you notice about this place that you’ve never noticed before? 
  3. Where in your everyday wanderings could you take note of something new or different and how might others be a part of this noticing?

Share with your Community:

Tell us how you and your family/pod did! Who got the closest time and what was their strategy? Share with us the most interesting thing you noticed during your walk that you’ve never noticed before. Write to us, share a photo of you doing the activity, or depict it as a comic strip! We will share it in the Camp Chewonki@Home community galleries in Chapin Hall!

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