With the launch of our first week together, we have been transported through our hearts, minds, and computer screens into each other’s places. This has been a week for getting to know each other, and getting to know ourselves a bit more deeply. 

Through our Live Calls, we got to meet amazing new friends and learn about their homes. Pets, books, and more filled our screens, as did laughter and joy. Our first round of Pen Pals were matched this week. With over 90 Pen Pals matched, letters have begun to be sent from near and far, building connections across continents.

Reading “I am From” poems have taken us through memories and each camper’s sense of identity. Images of delicious chocolate chip cookies have made more than a few tummies grumble, and brought warmth to our hearts. Industrious farmers have created whole miniature agricultural operations, getting their hands busy and building.

A Miniature Farm by Zella M
Chewonki Chip Cookies by Abigail Ames
Upcycle Dragonfly by Achilles P
“I Am From” Poem by Sam L

Thank you to campers who have shared their place with us this week. Chewonki’s Community Galleries are filling up with images of summer magic happening around the world. It’s not too late to submit another activity, you can use the form below to send us your work!

You can view camper submissions from this past week by visiting our Community Galleries in Chapin Hall here.

We look forward to seeing you next week for our next theme: Adventure!


Emily, Jen, and Charlie

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