The second week of Camp Chewonki@Home has been a wonderful adventure! During this week we welcomed new members of our growing community and learned more about our friends from the first week. Whether on a Live Call or through an activity submission, this has been a week for learning more about the adventures of each other’s lives, whether they be big or small.

With the new formatting of our Live Calls, we got to welcome more friends than ever, playing games and sharing about our lives. Through questions and acting, we learned that if our community was to embark on an adventure, we would be prepared with objects as practical as axes, rain jackets, maps, and sleeping bags. To keep us happy and joyful there would also be a number of different pets, books, and other keepsakes. 

Campers have embarked on adventures at home this week including weaving projects! It has warmed our hearts to see these beautiful creations, as well as to know that some have given these creations as gifts – a wonderful embodiment of the Chewonki Spirit! Many have made and enjoyed Kale Chips, displaying their sense of adventure when trying new flavors. Nature quests and printing projects have taken campers outside, exploring the world just beyond their backdoors.

Thank you to campers who have shared their adventures with us this week! Chewonki’s Community Galleries are filling up with images of summer magic happening around the world. You can view camper submissions from this past week here.

Don’t forget to visit Chapin Hall to submit anything you have been working on at home and view what your friends have been doing this week!


We are looking for your feedback! Please follow the link to share your thoughts on this week’s activities! Each week we will provide a feedback form in our end of week update email.

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