Our Camp Chewonki community has grown and flourished in this third week of programming! Together we have shared more about ourselves, and the ways in which we are learning and growing this summer. Campers have tried new things this week, from parfaits to scientific illustration, and our live gatherings yielded silly stories. Witnessing us all grow together has brought warmth and laughter to our hearts!

When we gathered together this past week for Live Calls, campers were challenged to collaborate and create silly stories – and gosh were they silly! Some story excerpts include:

  • “A monster lives in the ocean who roars underwater and picks raspberries.”
  • “He ran to Mt. Everest and danced on chicken nuggets. He vacuumed Mt. Everest until there was no oxygen left, so he jumped onto a tree that was made of candy. He vacuumed an angry squirrel on his big floppy ear and the vacuum, in  a pyramid, stopped blowing.”
  • “The cat was writing an essay. Then the cat turned in his essay and got a C-. He went to school. The cat went to science class. It was a yellow tabby cat. The cat used some science tools to make a ball of yarn… They lived catfully ever after. THE END!”
  • “The explosion caused a ladybug that was ginormous and fell into a pit, a big black pit, and it got sucked in. The lady bug flew into an alien and made it pop, like an explosion!”

Thank you to our storytellers for your creativity, imagination, and your willingness to be silly together!

Campers worked on new skills this week, and continued to improve on old ones! Many have enjoyed working on scientific illustrations of animals, including an owl, and some flies. Others have layered delicious homemade Chewonki granola with yogurt and fruit to build the perfect parfait. We’ve also been thrilled to see campers working towards patches! There are “at home” polar bear dips happening in the ocean and even in buckets!

Thank you to campers who have shared their growth with us this week! Please send us more highlights of the activities you have done, and what camp at home has been like for you this summer. You can view camper submissions from this past week here.

Don’t forget to visit Chapin Hall to submit anything you have been working on at home and view what your friends have been doing this week!

We are looking for your feedback! Please follow the link to share your thoughts on this week’s activities! Each week we will provide a feedback form in our end of week update email.

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