As week 4 of Camp Chewonki@Home comes to a close, we have spent the past 7 days recognizing and appreciating the people and things in our lives that make our days brighter and better. From using graffiti in our homes to show love for friends and family to making popcorn to share with our loved ones. We have also learned to be grateful and appreciative for things in new ways like creating our Animal Heroes – misunderstood critters that play important and beneficial roles in keeping our world happy and healthy.

During our live calls, you all shared the things you have been appreciating this week, like tasty recipes from the kitchen, getting to reunite with family, or getting outside to enjoy the weather by kayaking, swimming, or simply exploring the area around your homes. We have also learned to make our own material to create fantastical sculptures and demonstrated appreciation for the natural world by practicing and teaching others the principles of Leave No Trace!

We have been loving Campfire every week, in part, because we get to hear about the people who are helping make your summer special. Here’s to more appreciations next week!

Thank you to campers who have shared their appreciation with us this week! Please send us more highlights of the activities you have done, and what camp at home has been like for you this summer. You can view camper submissions from this past week here.

Don’t forget to visit Chapin Hall to submit anything you have been working on at home and view what your friends have been doing this week!

We are looking for your feedback! Please follow the link to share your thoughts on this week’s activities! Each week we will provide a feedback form in our end of week update email.

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