This week has asked the Camp Chewonki@Home community to reflect on the challenges that we have faced this summer. Our theme of Grit called upon us to share what has been difficult for us, and what we are looking forward to in the future. Campers have taken on new recipes – baking biscuits over a fire can be a challenge! Others have celebrated their compost, and the ways we can take waste and make something new. In our live calls, we celebrated the gritty, and the grimy, including a tribute to farm chores in the form of a song! 

Campers game together to share and play during live calls this week. This past Spring and Summer have been especially challenging,  and campers were able to connect with each other, knowing that they have all been facing difficulties, some of them similar! We also got to know each other’s surroundings a bit more deeply, while challenging our visual memory. Campers examined each other’s screen backgrounds, before and after three things were changed, trying to identify those changes!

Our campfire this week featured a new song, “Farm Chores”, which was sung to the tune of Justin Beiber’s “Baby”. Us Camp Directors got to dance around and act silly, while celebrating the daily hard work of farm chores, something we are missing this summer. Campers normally are able to come to the farm to help milk cows, collect eggs, and we always enjoy watching them joyfully work for the good of the community!

Thank you to campers who have shared their work with us this week! Please send us more highlights of the activities you have done, and what camp at home has been like for you this summer. You can view camper submissions from this past week here.

Don’t forget to visit Chapin Hall to submit anything you have been working on at home and view what your friends have been doing this week!

We are looking for your feedback! Please follow the link to share your thoughts on this week’s activities! Each week we will provide a feedback form in our end of week update email.

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