This Natural History Mystery might remind you of a childhood song; “One of These Things is Not Like the Others.” In this mystery, we are examining flowers. One of the flowers is not like the others, and in fact is not technically a flower! Which one could it be?

Plants grow and reproduce in marvelous and mysterious ways. Flowers are an important part of plants, and allow them to develop seeds. Most plants are flowering plants. Other kinds of plants don’t have seeds and reproduce by dispersing one-celled spores, like mosses and ferns. 

All of the action of reproduction happens within the flower, not able to be seen! The plants eggs develop inside the flower as do the pollen grains. Once pollen grains reach the flower’s pistil, each little egg must grow a pollen tube in order for it to be fertilized.

If we look at flowers we see a riot of color and different shapes. Most of these evolved so that they could be pollinated by insects – all kids of insects, not just bees! Which of the flowers shown in the video is different from the others?

Here’s a Hint:

To solve this flower mystery, think about this question:

⇒ What might some plants have solitary flowers and others have “inflorescences”?

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